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Digital Disruption:

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August 12th
11:00 am PDT

The Future is Upon Us - Now!

Digital Disruption

This is an unprecedented time of disruption and volatility. The pandemic added additional stress on the trucking

industry, and highlighted the need for better technology that will help drive more efficient trucking operations. Economic pressures, shifting workforce dynamics and technological transformation are propelling the industry into the digital era.

Why LoadStop?

LoadStop is leading the technology disruption in the trucking industry. LoadStop is designed with the sole objective of giving carriers the tools, processes, and functionality to efficiently manage the full transportation cycle - from bid to acceptance, to rate management, through to dispatch, execution, tracking, invoicing, settlements, and analytics.

Digital Transformation.

Fleets across the spectrum need to move to the cloud for enhanced communication, security, and access to data. Only with the help of technology can fleets rise above the competition with optimized fleet management and workflow solutions to improve decision-making.

The LoadStop Advantage

90% reduction in operational errors.

90% reduction in safety and compliance risks.

75% reduction in late shipment deliveries.

35% reduction in empty miles.

15% increase in fleet utilization.

10x increase in load lead volumes.

Digital Intelligence

Either you don't have the data, or you are drowning in the data lake, yet starved for intelligence. The analytics you have, if at all, are historical and by the time you've identified a problem, it’s too late. The money is already out the door, the market dynamics have changed, or your processes have not kept up, and you must deal with new problems.

Business Benefits With LoadStop

Use cost savings to invest in other lifeblood functions leading to greater revenues.

Focus on developing a flexible operation that can meet enhanced customer needs to boost sales and elevate customer service.

Free staff to focus their attention on other aspects of their shipping operation that could be made more efficient.

Change the logistics department from a cost center to a profit center.


LoadStop - Leading The Way

The era of digital trucking is here to stay and will greatly benefit those who are able to leverage the new technologies!

The trucking industry hasn't had the digital transformation that most other industries have been through. Even today, carriers still rely on spreadsheets, manual and telephone-based processes,

often with imperfect information. The result is an error-prone, inefficient operation that leaks profits.

Now, more than ever, logistics professionals are under immense pressure to cut costs and seek out opportunities for revenue generation. But without the essential tools, getting the job done is

virtually impossible.

Unfortunately, only the largest companies can afford the use of expensive systems to contain costs, find capacity, and speed up operations. The others have been boxed into an inefficient, resource draining, no-tech status quo.

At LoadStop, we aim to propel the trucking industry into the digital era with an affordable digital solution that all trucking companies can have access to. We have designed the most advanced

system that is flexible enough to handle the challenges and complexities involved in a carrier's operation.

LoadStop is a revolution in transport management systems, using cutting-edge technology to bring freight intelligence to trucking companies of all sizes.

It's a totally configurable, robust system, so you can make it work the way you want it to.

It's a simple, easy-to-use system, with the most user-friendly interface.

It's a single window, all in one solution for carriers.

Now, it's time to flip the script, think and act differently to keep up with changing market dynamics.

It's time to change!

Join us in the webinar to learn how LoadStop's digital technology can streamline your trucking operation and turn it into an efficient, more profitable enterprise.

August 12th
11:00 am PDT